Mission Statement

Christian Psychiatric Services is committed to providing compassionate, patient-centered, high-quality care that is available to patients from adolescence through adulthood. Through efficient use of office staff and cutting-edge medical technology, we are able to offer exceptionally accessible and personal care in a positive atmosphere.


We are committed to making your mental health needs our top priority and worry-free by removing barriers to your physician, your medical care, and your personal medical information. If you haven't already, register for our patient portal HERE today.


Integrity is a necessary virtue, and one we believe is expressed by putting one's values into action. Accountability and moral responsibility are necessary for maintaining consistency between one's actions and one's principles. At Christian Psychiatric Services, integrity is at the core of who we are.



Understanding the patient's reasonable needs and meeting them whenever possible is crucial to our patient-centered model. Our work ethic is demonstrated by providing excellent customer service that is consistent and high-quality.


We work to ensure prompt and compassionate patient care without compromising confidentiality, integrity, or respect.

Individualized Care

1. Meeting the Patient's Need

Dr. Augustus' goal is to find the best setting and level of care for each patient - whether it's in her office or with another provider. Meeting the need of the patient is the priority.

2. Establish History & Recommend Treatment

Dr. Augustus sets aside an hour minimum to assess each new patient. This allows for a personalized period of detailed discussion and evaluation of a patient's history and specific needs.

3. Monitor & Adjust Treatment Plan

After a patient's initial diagnostic evaluation, Dr. Augustus will follow-up with either medication management or counseling combined with medication management.

4. Achieve Stability

Dr. Augustus seeks to stabilize patients' presenting symptoms to return them to the highest level of functioning possible. Contact our office today to discuss your specific needs.