Mission Statement

Christian Psychiatric Services is committed to providing compassionate, patient-centered, high-quality care that is available to patients from adolescence through adulthood. Through efficient use of office staff and cutting-edge medical technology, we are able to offer exceptionally accessible and personal care in a positive atmosphere.


We are committed to making your mental health needs our top priority and worry-free by removing barriers to your physician, your medical care, and your personal medical information. If you haven't already, register for our patient portal today HERE.


We are committed to empowering staff through a pleasant work atmosphere that encourages professionalism and positive attitudes. We are committed to not only providing superb patient care but also an exceptional experience throughout the patient's entire course of care. While it is important to be recognized for quality and knowledge, it is also essential to leave our patients with a positive view of our entire organization from the way we dress to the way we speak. Demonstrating competence and cooperation on all levels creates an immeasurably positive impact when it comes to a patient choosing to return to CPS or recommending our services to another potential patient.


At CPS, we will adhere to these core values and always stick to what we believe in. Integrity is a necessary virtue, and one we believe is expressed by putting one's values into action. Accountability and moral responsibility are necessary tools for maintaining consistency between one's actions and one's principles, one's methods and one's measures. Fairness is paramount to determining what is best for any situation so we aim for objectivity whether it be in the treatment of our staff members or in the resolution of any conflict.


Good work ethic - it is also known as perseverance, diligence, commitment, drive, passion, sense of urgency, effort or resourcefulness.  It is an understanding of how to prioritize tasks. This approach includes honoring commitments to the best of one's ability no matter what. Understanding the patient's reasonable needs and meeting them whenever possible is crucial to our patient-centered model. A good work ethic should coexist with excellent customer service, a drive to provide a quality product, and consistent service despite the obstacles.


We are ​committed to a culture of mutual respect for all. In the absence of respect for each other's work, innovation and ideas - even the most secure person can feel defensive and unnecessarily attached to their current way of doing things. At CPS, we give respect to receive respect - even in the most uncomfortable situations. We resolve conflict with dignity and respect for all parties involved, even if we don't agree with their point of view. We refrain from gossiping, exhibit patience at all times, ask the right questions, listen closely to everyone, don't take things personally and remember the big picture.


We value teamwork, which requires listening to and respecting each other while working together to achieve mutually beneficial results. In fostering this atmosphere, we focus on open, clear, and effective communication. Everyone has particular strengths which we value and utilize whenever possible. As a team, we provide support to one another - working cooperatively, respecting one another's views, and making our work environment fun and enjoyable. We take the initiative to help others achieve their deadlines. We work with one another united with enthusiasm and an appreciation for one another's unique talents.


We are dedicated to providing the best care possible to our patients. In every decision made, what is best for our patients comes first. By taking the initiative, we work to ensure prompt patient care without compromising confidentiality, integrity, professionalism and respect. Every staff member is cross-trained to help provide seamless services that foster growth, knowledge and business continuity.


At the core of accountability is reliability and personal responsibility; therefore, we value the ability of our staff and organization to honor our commitments. We take responsibility for our work and make whatever is wrong right to the greatest extent possible. Accountability is defined as demonstrating the ownership necessary for achieving desired results so we strive for this. Our goal for all staff members is that they take pride in their work, rise above expectations and own their accomplishments as well as their mistakes.